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Our History

Ottawa Savings Bank was established as a mutual institution August 21, 1871 under the name Ottawa Building Homestead and Savings Association. Business was initially conducted over a jewelry store and later at 120 West Madison Street. In 1959, we moved to our present location at 925 LaSalle Street. On April 3, 1935, we became a federally insured savings institution. On October 1, 1996, we changed our charter to become a state savings bank and in 2005 we converted to an MHC Structure with minority public ownership.  On October 12, 2016 we became a fully converted stock savings bank trading on the NASDAQ Capital Market under the symbol OTTW. Ottawa Savings Bank is the oldest savings institution in the state of Illinois. We are members of the Federal Home Loan Bank System, Community Bankers Association of Illinois and the Illinois League of Financial Institutions. Ottawa Savings Bank has always supported organizations that seek to strengthen local business, community and family relationships throughout its market areas.


Twin Oaks Savings Bank was chartered on March 24, 1890 as the Marseilles Building and Loan Association, the dream of nine local residents with a community-based vision of leadership, steady growth and financial security. Over the years, the Bank has adapted and evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers and the communities which it serves.

Through the wars, Great Depression and even the September 11, 2001 tragedy, we have continued to grow and succeed through our staff selection, sound banking practices, investments and the confidence of our customers who are always at the center of our success as a bank and business leader.

We strive to maintain the family oriented roots of our beginnings, while maximizing the services we offer and providing the facilities with which to serve our customers effectively. We will continue to keep pace with the growth of the communities we serve and to meet the ever changing needs of new residents and our dedicated customer base.