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Chip Cards Are Here!!!

 Ottawa Savings Bank’s new MasterCard Debit/ATM CHIP cards should be arriving NOW as they are being delivered to you via U.S. Mail.   YOU will need to activate the card by calling the toll free number shown on the card or by visiting an ATM.  Once you activate your new card, PLEASE properly dispose of your old card without a chip.  With the NEW chip cards, we are adding another layer of security to authenticate and secure your transactions.

If you have questions, please stop in any one of our three locations or call us at 815-433-2525.  

Customizable Alerts for Debit Card Activity 

Starting soon, you can have greater control over your Debit Card transactions to protect you from fraud while using your Ottawa Savings debit card.  My Mobile Money lets you manage your OSB debit card with options such as turning the card on or off, setting control preferences, alert preferences, viewing recent transactions, account balances and much more.   You can set these controls using your smart phone and turn them on and off when you choose.

Through location services, users can set geographic parameters for where the cards can be used, and can disable the use of a card outside that defined region.   With transaction controls, the cardholder can set specific parameters by type(in-store, on-line, mail/phone order, etc).   Cardholders can also define spend threshold limits.   With My Mobile Money, you can receive real-time alerts that allow YOU to identify unauthorized or suspected fraudulent activity as it occurs.   Through utilizing the features and functions available to you in My Mobile Money, you can manage your debit card activity so that you can protect yourself and have peace in mind that only the activity you want will be authorized.

So, check back here in the coming weeks to find out when this new exciting application for your iPhone or Android is available.     

COMING Soon – – Surcharge free ATM network 

Another exciting feature of the My Mobile Money is the ability to access over 25,000 surcharge-free ATM machines.   Using the My Mobile Money application on your smart phone, you will be able to locate an ATM to get the cash you need from our new network called MoneyPass® with ATMS coast-to-coast.   This network gives you more convenient choices for accessing your accounts wherever you live, work or travel. 

Keep watching here for details of when this will be available to you our loyal and faitthful customers.  

Check out OUR great rates on our Escalator CD’s and 26 Month CD 

The Escalator CD offers the flexibility you seek in this challenging rate environment in that you can add a one-time deposit up to the opening amount after six months or the ability to withdraw the funds without penalty at each six month interval.

The 26 month CD is a shorter term CD with a fabulous rate.  Additionally, you can “bump” the rate one time during the term of the CD.  Also, you can “build” by adding to it one time up to the amount of the original CD amount.

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